Here are the detailed steps to prepare your LOL POP!


01 Insert the end of the sticks at the base of the cake balls to create a lollipop. Make sure the sticks hold well.

Tip: place your index finger on the top of the ball when you insert the stick to avoid piercing the top of the cake.

02 Important – To facilitate the coating of the cakes with the chocolate, it is highly recommended to place the lollipops in the freezer for about 30 minutes..

03 Place the « verrine » in the microwave, melt the chocolate until it becomes liquid – about 60 to 120 seconds. Stir a little after 60 seconds for good consis.

Note: Our chocolate has been prepared to be fluid to enable easy coating of the cakes. This is why it melts so quickly. And it will have the same effect on you too LOL!

04 – Remove the lollipops from the freezer. Gently immerse the lollipops one by one in the melted chocolate, taking care to dry them one by one. Leave them in the standing position for about 30 seconds until the chocolate begins to freeze”

Tip: You will notice that the shiny appearance of the chocolate will quickly begin to fade. This is a sign that it is soon time to decorate your Pop Cake. The chocolate is just right” enough for the decorative beads to easily cling to it.

05 Decorate as you please.

Tip: Place your decorative pieces in small bowls. Do not immerse lollipops in it. Sprinkle instead the pieces with the beads either with a small spoon or your fingers

06 Place the LOL POP on a base, for example by putting sugar in a bowl or in a jug so that the sticks stands firm. Let sit for about 10 minutes so that the cakes are at room temperature.

07 Admire! Savor! Smile!