Sugar-Mamie is a newcomer to the pastry and dessert world. And yet, she has a whole genetic backstory. Designed and helmed by Paul Verdy, a well-known professional in the world of communications and digital technology in Quebec, Paul decided to swap computer for blender and pursue one of his passion: pastries.

Pastry goes back a long way within the Verdy family. Belgian grandfather Edmond Verdy emigrated to Montreal in the 1930s to open the famous Verdy pastry shop on St-Denis Street. Even Michel Tremblay talks about it in his stories. Edmond was also the founder of the Société des Chefs cuisiniers. Then two of Edmond’s sons, Roger and Louis, were also pastry chefs.

Today, it is therefore the grandson Paul who continues the tradition with the mission of creating small « délices ». POP! are the fruit of an intention to come up with a playful dessert kit that allows everyone to participate in the assembly of tasty Pop Cakes. This adventure remains a family affair with the collaboration of his wife Vivian in the assembly as well as that of his daughter Elisa for the management of social networks.

In short, the same lifelong passion for pastry continues today within the Verdy family. Only the delivery trucks have changed a bit… 🙂

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